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Here are a series of interviews that different podcasts have done with me lately on a range of subjects from Ayurveda, the Sacred Compass and Leech Therapy to 'Raising a Child of Influence'. Sit back and enjoy!

The CoVid Collection (With various artists, misfits and armchair philosophers)

CoVid - The Big Picture: (With Mason Taylor From Superfeast)


CoVid as Rehab: the Global Culture of Addiction (with Charlotte Hill from the Nutritional Therapy Assoc)

Herbal Med Masterclass - The Phases of Covid-19: With Mason Taylor From Superfeast

Ayurveda & CoVid: (With Dylan Smith @ Vital Veda)


The Wisdom of the Body (With Johannes Kett @ The Sauna Show)

Pyroluria & The Nutritional Underpinnings of Stress, Anxiety & Mental Illness (With Kyrona Hope @ News For the Soul Radio)

Alchemising The Essence (With Dylan Smith @ Vital Veda)

Traditional Herbal Medicine (Dr Amy Dayries: UIR)

Cross Pollinating Medicine (The Mason Taylor Show)

Leech Therapy (With Lynda Griparic @ Love & Guts)

The Five Elements & The Sacred Compass (With Claire & Phiona @ Heavenly Qi Podcast)

Transforming The Social Landscape & Raising a Child of Influence (With Ronsley Vas @ Bond Appetite)

Your Instructor

Dr Jimi Wollumbin (TCM)
Dr Jimi Wollumbin (TCM)

Dr Jimi is one of those rare individuals that is an expert in his field that also knows how to teach others. He has spoken at the United Nations, opened for Deepak Chopra and has even been personally insulted by the Dalai Lama. He teaches integrative doctors across America, sits on the faculty of the America Integrative Health and Medicine Association and is a lifetime member of the Tibetan Medical Institute.

After completing his internship in Chinese Medicine in Beijing hospital he has since completed 3 research exchanges at Ayurvedic hospitals in India, 2 with the Lama-physicians at the Tibetan Medical Institute, 1 with the Persian Hakims of the Unani Tibb Hippocratic tradition and is currently en route to Mongolia to study their traditional medicine at the national university in Ulaan Bataar.

Dr Jimi’s original degree at the ANU was in philosophy and eastern religion which is why Dr Seroya Crouch describes him as ‘a philosopher of medicine’. He has written several books, none of which have been published, acclaimed or even read.

He is also the CEO and founder of One Health Organisation, a wellness-based charity that has distributed over 8 metric tonnes of herbs and supplements to 100 locations across 12 countries since 2005.

He brings passion and enthusiastic hand gestures to every conversation he is a part of.

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